What to wear on a date – Guys edition (Part I)

Hey good people,

I’m so excited about this post because – first off – he let me do it (will explain who he is – in a bit) and secondly, I think it may just help some people out. Which is the cherry to my icecream.

Dating should be about having fun when you go out with that special someone. Us ladies have it rough though (I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Finding the balance between cute and comfortable can be such a hassle). But I don’t want to belittle the struggle guys have as well.

A greater percentage of men have a small wardrobe (the original capsule wardrobes, if you will) and when they want to dress to impress, they find themselves limited in choices.

That’s where a little bit of reshuffling comes in.

Meet Steve, the “he” I referred to earlier. My bestfriend. And someone who would do pretty much anything for me, as evidenced by these posts.

Photo credits: Irungu Mwangi

IG: irush_m4

Outfit 1: Cool in blue

Paired a pair of grey pants with a cyan coloured shirt. Topped this off with a dark blue blazer with pocket square detail. The finishing touches were a brown belt with brown shoes (blue detail). Perfect for a more spiffy outing with your special someone. Somewhere jeans just wouldn’t cut it.


Outfit 2: Coolness is inversely proportional to freezing

Paired a pair of dark rinse jeans with a white shirt, light grey cardigan and black overcoat. Tied this all in with a brown belt and a pair of brown dress shoes. In this outfit it’s all about the layers on that slightly chilly day. You don’t have to sacrifice your style for warmth.


And once it warms up a bit, the cardi makes a nice topper.


You are awesome. You are incredible. You deserve all good things.

To be continued…


What to wear – Too cool in school

My next style challenge was from the lovely Miss Njambi. The aim was to have casual, cool and comfortable style for class.

Class and style should match, don’t you think? See what I did there??? 🙂


Photo credit: Irungu Mwangi IG: irush_m

Outfit 1: Pop your colour school.


Photo credit: Irungu Mwangi IG: irush_m

A base of black jeans and a black top, with a mustard yellow cardigan, brown boat shoes and a deep pink patterned (accents of mustard yellow and blue) headscarf tied in a bow.

Outfit 2: Play with print school


Photo credit: Irungu Mwangi IG: irush_m

A colour play with a striped white and maroon oversized cardigan and a multicoloured animal print scarf, black top and blue jeans with black and white houndstooth print loafers. Plenty of pretty print.

Outfit 3: She plaid around in school.


Photo credit: Irungu Mwangi IG: irush_m

Red, black and white plaid shirt with a black top, blue jeans and brown boat shoes. Topped off with navy blue head band. Going for the casual and cool class.

Running from class to class looking good has never been so easy.

You are favoured. You are special. You are loved. 🙂

What to wear (to) Walk in the garden

I didn’t know where to start when this blog/style idea first crossed my mind. But as with all destined things – it came to me.

If I am to show you how easy it is to dress the way you were meant to, then the simplest way to do that would be to set a challenge (a style challenge, if you will) and conquer it.

And here is where my (extremely) supportive friends and family come in. Each new post (for now) will consist of a friend/family member setting a style challenge for me and me accepting it and (hopefully) conquering it. Each challenge will have a theme and my challenge is to style the challenger according to the theme. But here’s the twist. I have to style them using pieces already in their wardrobe. Though I am given a leeway of 3 additional pieces, that’s it. I have to dress them using THEIR wardrobe according to the theme THEY choose.

Let the games begin!

My first challenger is the lovely Miss Ogolla a.k.a the baby of our family. She wanted a “walking in the garden” type of look and I got right into it.


Photo credit: Flow images. IG: weareflowimages

Outfit 1: Walk in the garden (simplified).


Paired a straight blue maxi skirt with a white textured vest top and a yellow cardigan. Couldn’t help throwing in some floral with a multicolored head scarf. The bright colours gave the look a twirling in the garden look, me thinks.

Outfit 2: Walk in the garden (drop of edge)


A fitting grey maxi skirt, paired with a black floral vest top, topped off with a straw fedora hat. The hat and dark floral add the little edge factor in this outfit, taking it a bit beyond the norm.

Outfit 3: Walk in the garden (full on)


Photo credit: Flow images. IG: weareflowimages

An off white maxi dress with floral designs, paired with a maroon chiffon blouse worn as a topper with the buttons open, and gold chandelier earrings. Everything about this says – taking a walk in the garden, don’t you think?!

First outfit challenge complete.

You are unique. You are important. You are loved. 🙂