What to wear – Sunday Statement

I don’t know about you, but my favourite day of the week is Sunday. For lots of reasons, thinking of Sunday always makes me smile.


I love to go that extra mile on Sunday. And by that, I mean that I take an extra 15 minutes getting ready. 😉

Of course dressing up is a part of that. Finding something that fits my style and makes me feel special is always exciting, and that brings me to this post.

I always get revved up when a style challenge comes my way. So when Njambi asked me to style her for Sundays, I jumped right on it. As is the norm on this blog, I used her clothes and tried as much possible to stay in her lane stylewise.

The idea was to take outfits that she would normally wear but add the little extra something to push it to the next level.

Without much ado… Here is Njambi (….and friend) :-).

Photography – Irungu Mwangi

IG – irush_m

Shoot director – Bethuel Lasoi

1. Statement skirt

When in doubt – go simple. The statement skirt in this outfit allows you to go simple with every other piece in the outfit. Less thought but with no reduction in impact. I gotta say, she looks good in pink. ;-).

Style by Sheri

Style by Sheri

2. Statement hat

The skirt and checkered shirt are adorable in this ensemble. With the hat adding that little extra something. Classic but in the now.IMG_8899


3. Statement colour and/or metallics

The pink belt and bronze necklace in this outfit add the little something extra in this outfit. The neutral pants and top act as subtle base to the accents and make them pop.

Style by Sheri

Style by Sheri

4. Statement coat

Blue jeans and a sequin detailed white top are good basics to have on.


Comfortable and edgy, the salmon coloured coat makes this outfit just be.


Every time I do a shoot for the blog, I can’t help but see the incredible people God has brought into my life. Such great people, such great gifts. I thank God.

P.S. The two wonderful models featured in this blog post are both a part of a gospel music group known as Bethu and the highest praise band (Bethu and HPB). Their first album (Titled: Outcry) is out and available on I tunes.

I couldn’t finish this post without mentioning that. 🙂

You are strong. You are favoured. You are blessed.





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