What to wear – Bring your inner style blogger out!!!

Another day, another blog post!!

Hello everyone. Hope you’re enjoying another day of life. I’m feeling quite favoured and blessed.

On to the business of the post 🙂


My style challenge was from the lovely Njoki, soon to be Mrs. (sorry fellas). She asked me to style her like a few of her favorite style bloggers. Thank you Njoki for being such a good sport. So we picked a couple of looks, and off we went…

I have to give it up to the photographer extraordinaire – Irungu. I’m constantly throwing challenges at him, and he handles them like the pro he is. I’m so grateful for him. Find more of his work on IG @irungu_m. You can also find his work here.

Also a special shoutout to my sister, Stephanie, who acted as the shoot assistant. Many thanks.

As is norm on this blog, the challenge was to use Njoki’s current wardrobe pieces to recreate the looks.

Without further ado… Here they are.

1. Seated with grace

This look was inspired by Wendy of Wendyslookbook, based in Los Angeles, California.

inner style blogger - wendyslookbook

To see inspiration post, click here.

Switched out the more difficult to find one piece jumpsuit for separate pieces. Work with what you’ve got.


Dark green heels, black pants, a multicoloured beaded choker, black vest, grey chiffon top,and bright red clutch were used to recreate the look.

2. Rich flowy maxi

Another look inspired by Wendy. Here is the original post.


Went with a similar feel. A rich coloured maxi dress in a flowy material.


The maroon chiffon dress was paired with a black clutch and black heels.

3. Casual with a pop

The look is the final one inspired by Wendy. Here it is.


Switching out the detailed shirt with sheer details for a simple light blue chambray, and the distressed jeans for beautiful skinny jeans, this look came together rather quickly.


Added the magenta heels, white bag and pink lippie and the look was complete.

4. Blazer over dress

ThisisEss is a Lifestyle blog run by Sharon Mundia who is based in Nairobi, Kenya.


Find the look used as inspiration here. Paired a black and white stretch print dress, black strappy heels, black clutch and a black blazer tied with a thick brown belt.


Because of the shorter length of the dress, left the sleeves on the coat as is (didn’t fold them) – to continue the play on proportions.

5. Colour me comfortable

This may have been Njoki’s favorite. Another outfit inspired by ThisisEss.


Still tying in the concept of “use what you’ve got”. Paired black leggings, a black vest top, a black bag (with gold details), and a green long cardigan.


Skipped the sunglasses, and in a pair of necklaces, used one as a bracelet.

6. Athleisure

The final look, was inspired by Mireia from Stylelovely. Find the look here.


Switched out the camel colour coat for the off white trench coat. The white sneakers were represented by blue and white print (touch of pink and yellow) sneakers.


All this was paired with black stretch pants, white t shirt, black sling bag and sunglasses.

And there you have it. Interesting looks inspired by some amazing style bloggers.

As I keep moving along on this journey. I am so grateful for all that I’m learning. Being able to show people, new ways to wear their own pieces gives me joy. I hope to continue from strength to strength.

Do you have a favourite style blogger? Have you ever thought of trying to remake one of their looks using what you’ve got?

Lemme know in the comments below.

You are precious. You are extraordinary. You are magnificent.


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