Partners In Christ

Hey err’body!!

This post is going to be a bit different. As you may have noticed (from the title), this will not be one of my standard “what to wear” posts, but more of a “this is what we wear” post.

A couple of my friends have been haranguing me about the lack of my face on my blog. Now, being incredibly camera shy and having the focus of the blog be away from me, I was a bit reluctant.

But they finally wore me down and when the opportunity presented itself, I dragged my bestfriend “down” with me.

Unlike the other posts, I will not be describing the pieces or how and/or why I put the pieces together. However there is a basic theme. It’s what we would wear in different situations, from going to church, to a picnic, to a casual hangout. You could make a game of it and guess which is which. Or you could just grab whatever tidbit you want.

So here we are, Steve and I (Sheri).:-). Thank you Steve, you made this so much easier for me.

Photo credits: The amazing Irungu Mwangi (IG – irungu_m & here)

Style by Sheri

Style by Sheri Style by Sheri

Style by Sheri

Style by Sheri

Style by Sheri




I could go all gushy about how grateful I am for Steve. But I won’t.:-). I thank God for him.

You are honoured. You are needed. You are loved.



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