What to wear – She be blazing!!

Get it? If you don’t, let me explain. This post is dedicated to the amazing blazer (coat) style of Njambi (the model).

Something I’ve been learning more and more about styling over the past few months, is that, your work is to help not to change. Only answer questions you’ve been asked.

For the most part, a person has an understanding of what is good for them, their own aesthetic. A stylist’s job is to help them find their way to their style, if they ask.

And here is where I say, I helped out here. :-). She got this!!!

Njambi is amazing. Actually she’s Njambazing, or in this case Njamblazing. IMG_3011

We couldn’t have had this post without the incredible work of the one and only Irungu Mwangi. To see more of his amazing work – check it out here and on Instagram @irungu_m.

Without further ado – here we go.

1. Blazing neutral 

A colour can be called a neutral based on how effectively it blends with other colours. In this outfit, 3 “neutrally” coloured clothing items, dark blue, off white and black, were used to create a polished and interesting effect.


2. Blazing green hero

I’ve spoken about the “hero” piece before. When it doubt, pick one item and make it thee point of the outfit. Here we see a military style green blazer elevate the look. Black pants and top, a neutral belt form the base of the outfit.


3. Blazing girly

A neutral base of a white top and light pants topped off with a gorgeous textured pink coat, gives this casual outfit a feminine vibe.


Lovely people!!!

I continue to feel blessed by all that God continues to give me.

You are blessed. You are wanted. You are loved.




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